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artist feature with Jaz Fairy J

Artist Feature | Jaz Fairy J
These sessions include ideas, concepts and practices that I have been researching (more specifically and intentionally) for the past 4 years and during that time my question has been “what is the medicine/the healing in what I do as an artist? how can I share that and guide others to the healing power inside of them?” I have learned so much in my practice as a choreographer, the power of journaling, speaking and sharing space to share our stories, the spirit of clown, the ancestral medicines of embodied breathwork, intention setting, meditation and free improvised intentional movement. It is this eclectic blend of research and practice that lay the foundation for “guided sessions with jaz fairy j” 

Registration is now open!

Times & Dates: Wednesdays!
April 14th, 11am-12:30pm EST
April 28th, 11am-12:30pm EDT
May 12th, 11am-12:30pm EDT
May 26th, 11am-12:30pm EDT
June 9th, 11am-12:30pm EDT *CANCELLED— if you have purchased a ticket for this session you will be notified of a new date or receive a refund, thank you!
June 23rd, 11am-12:30pm EDT

Location: On Zoom
You will receive an email with the Zoom link and details in your ticket thank-you email. If you have any questions or difficulties registering, please reach us at!

Accessibility: Auto-Captioning and Live Transcript by Zoom
Our Community Access Program (CAP) invites participants to access our programs with any support they need. We are committed to making events and workshops available to everyone. If you experience barriers to accessing any of our events, please contact us as soon as possible by sending an email to: Please note that any arrangements are subject to availability.

What to Bring:
– Pen, paper, or notebook
– If you have wireless earbuds or headset you are encouraged to use them
– Blanket or yoga mat
– Set up your space as best you can so that your space is working with you

All participants have the options to be off video, as the screen will often be decentralized during the session.


Jaz Fairy J is a Creative Entrepreneur, Choreographer, Healer and Performing Artist. She is the founder and CEO of her luxury natural skincare brand ‘Rub of Luv’ accessing self luv through skincare. She has been a multi-disciplinary artist for 14 years and she believes that art is a portal to the divine and in that, she is in a constant investigation around how her work can create more space for healing. Through natural skincare creations, movement and meditative workshops, gatherings, story sharing, rituals/ceremonies, ancestral research and performance, her work is about finding the inner freedom and grounding to live in the fullness of one’s truth and do the work of abundant self love, self healing, growth and acceptance. Her life mantra is “dream create manifest”. 


Yoni Pump/WombBody Movement Meditation
Yoni (Sanskrit) is translated to mean “divine passage and source of life; the temple where the divine essence can be honoured” So this is the Vagina/the pussy and the womb together. 

I have created this movement meditation to focus on regenerating and clearing energy in our wombs and entire yoni area. This is in relation to our root and  sacral chakra, working on clearing and balancing those chakras.Yoni pump shifts energy in this area of the physical body and also energetic bodies through movement, self touch, sound healing, chanting and meditation.This practice is focused on bodies with wombs as the womb is a vortex for receiving. The womb is sacred and wise and this practice gives womb bodies space to love and honour this precious vortex of powerful receiving. Bringing us in alignment with ourselves and rooting ourselves in ourselves. 

Expand Play Surrender
I am in a continual investigation around discovering and rediscovering ways of being in our bodies (both energetic body and physical body) by listening and moving with the impulse our bodies desire. Exploring the relationship of the body with the space, it’s people and it’s things/landmarks/furniture/architecture/smell etc. With the use of Improvisational games, task based movement and writing exercises, talking/storytelling, and sounding, participants are encouraged to relish in the magic and energy of spontaneity by trusting their intuitive flow and physically moving energy and embodying emotion.  An invitation to be expansive, playful and find deep pleasure in the surrender of the body to itself.

Solo Luv Rubs
This is a workshop that opens the channels to our divine sensuality by diving into the healing capacity of intentional self-touch. It is a guided embodiment of healing touches, rubs, and movements.  Setting the atmosphere with your dressing your space with luxury and relaxation, adding scent into the texture by using incense and perfume. Participants are then guided through strokes and rubs on their body, harnessing the body’s medicine to heal itself and the comfort of self touch. Also included is mirror work, affirmation and  intentional free flow movement. We end in Savasana and there are a few (post practice) journaling prompts.

Image Description: Portrait of Jaz Fairy J not clothed, folded, reaching towards the floor. Her hair is long and falling towards the floor. Portrait is centred in the image with orange colour overlay. Text Reads: I've been thinking about solo practice within choreographies, and I feel like this was a potent workshop today. It allows me to work through what is to take space and share space at the same time. (Justin D)

Photo Credit: Video stills from Palms and Pines Design, Rachel Hunter