happy V day from the Love-In

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This is the time of year that we celebrate the Love-In’s inception…. This year we have been too busy loving and dancing to organize a party but we figure it is not in vain! Thank you to everyone in the community at large for your contributions and supporting what we are trying do to. Fighting the good fight, spreading lots o love and trying to inspire each other to be better in dance and in life. Can’t escape the fromage on Valentine’s Day!! The Love-In loves you!!!

friends doing cool shit

Witness what happens when we go past the point of mental and physical exhaustion. Through a series of weirdo meditation techniques, rockstar ambitions and a willingness to be uncomfortable, Alicia Grant presents an endurance challenge for a constantly changing world.Concept by: Alicia Grant
Created and Performed by: Alicia Grant and Andrea Spaziani

so fresh, so clean….

photo and design by Jeremy Mimnagh

The Toronto Dance Community Love-In is thrilled to announce it’s inaugural intensive! Summer Love-In will be held in Toronto from June 24th to July 3rd, 2011. Bringing together world-renowned dancer, pedagogue and artist, Frey Faust (USA/Berlin), Francesca Pedulla (Italy/Berlin) and two of Canada’s brightest talents, Heidi Strauss (Toronto) and Justine Chambers (Vancouver), for nine days of research, investigation and creation.

Click on the Summer Love-In 2011 tab above, for program and registration details!

It wont be a party without you!

BYOB Love-In at Hub 14 and Connect T.O. 
Join us for the first Love-In of 2011, a de-briefing with the ladies of Connect T.O. and the official launch of the registration for our Summer Intensive! Held the day after Connect TO wraps up we would like to encourage you to come down to celebrate and love the community and this exciting initiative…. Awwwwh.

When: Sunday, January 16th from 5 to 7pm
Where: Hub 14, 14 Markham Street, fire escape entrance!
This is a BYOB Love-In! We will provide party music, plastic cups and wine openers!

Connect T.O. , a four day festival dedicated to the promotion of the Toronto dance scene to the national and international art market, kicks off this Wednesday, January 12! Spearheaded by blackandblue dance projects, adelheid dance projects, hum dansoundart and Susie Burpee, the festival will include performances, studio showings, cocktail parties and a panel discussion. For a list of all the festivities check out: http://adelheid.ca/cto/connect.html

Toronto Loves Justine Chambers

photo by Yoann Malnati

Last week we had the pleasure of presenting a week of classes with the lovely and talented, Justine Chambers from Vancouver. The week gave me that, I love dancing feeling…. and it was kind of magical. Thanks to everyone who came out, this felt like our most successful week of classes yet. We were so happy to finish 2010 with such a great week of dancing! Stay tuned for updates for workshops coming up in 2011, the Love-In’s birthday party in February and our inaugural Summer Intensive. Details to be released soon!!!

Love to you and yours and Happy Holidays.
the Love-In team

What’s coming for 2010!

Feeling very disappointed by yesterday’s election results…. I am pouting over here and trying not to dwell. Let’s focus on what we do have, as that is our greatest catalyst for change and without that we really have nothing. On that note, wanted to share the amazing workshops coming up to finish off 2010….  If the workshops we have put on this year are any indication of what is to come in 2011, Toronto is in for a treat!!! There are still room in all of these classes so drop us a line to register for these classes with these amazing artists!
email: tolove.in@gmail.com to register

November 18 and 19,  9am to 12pm, Location TBA
Optimal use of the foot, knee, hip, spine and arms to harness gravity. Analysis and restructuring of individual walking/running patterns using Axis principles. Prepare to leap, study foot mechanics and optimal anatomical jumping architecture, learn to harness gravity and inertia to fly. Walking well is a preparation for life, for everything we will do with our bodies. Our walking patterns form the base of unconscious reflexes that serve as a starting point for learning any other coordination, such as sport and dance or any kind of active work. If the knees are not aligned, if the curves in the spine are not adjusted for optimal rebound, if the feet are not actively supporting the arch and ankle, the repetition of minimal gestures that compromise the integrity of these structures will cause a gradual or even sudden deterioration.
Walking well includes understanding and supporting the side-bending principles, the involuntary internal and external rotations of the knee, Q-Angle and Hip-axis arcs, foot structure and disposition, as well as finding and applying the motions of individual spinal curves to the different cases of locomotion. The healthy motion of walking includes continuous tri-axial undulations in the axial skeleton, a rotary under-curve swing in the pelvis, diagonally angled arcs of the extremities as they swing and receive the weight of the body falling through space. Each body has an optimal walk and personal rhythm. This workshop is designed to assist the participant in breaking the code of the habits that are potentially dangerous, ultimately finding their own walk, a walk that optimalises the structure of their bodies.
$15 per 3 hour class

 November 29 – December 3, 10am to 12pm, Dovercourt House First floor
Open Source Forms with Voice and Movement, Susanna Hood
Having recently received her certification in Open Source Forms (OSF), Susanna offers this methodology as a main container for an exploration into the moving, sounding, and creative self. As an open source system, OSF combines some of the intrinsic ideas and spirit of Skinner Releasing with the evolving practices of its teachers. This five-day cumulative workshop is focused on the creative empowerment of the individual through the shedding of layers and unnecessary tension, and is guided by the philosophy that we are all natural movers and sounders with a vast capacity for expression, that movement and sound are both physical manifestations of our whole self, that this combined physicality opens a doorway into experiencing our primordial being, and that we are the source of our own wisdom. The class guides participants through different states of consciousness in an improvisational setting, using imagery as a powerful tool for transformation.
$50 for full week workshop, no drop-ins

December 13 – 17, 10am to 12pm, Dovercourt House First floor
Master Classes with Justine Chambers
With an emphasis on ease, efficiency and spatial awareness, this class uses the tools of naval radiation and internal movement pathways to develop full body integration through movement. The class begins with a guided improvisation to bring awareness to the constant negotiations and dynamic relationships found in the body. Floor work and dynamic movement sequences invite the dancer to further the investigation of full body integration as well as exploring logical pathways for movement through the body and space. 
$50 for full week workshop or $12 for a drop-in class

bon voyage Lady J!

Lady Janitor has crossed the ocean once again, to spread the love in Europe for two months, beginning her mentorship project with German choreographer, Frauke Requardt. Her wild ways will be missed on this side…. Stay tuned for updates, haiku dance reviews and tales from the European country side. Bon Voyage!!

photo by Andrea De Keijzer

a new era…

So, we are getting organized. Assembling a team of bad-ass co-conspirators to help us do so…
We figured a look back at we have done would be nice before getting into what is and will happen in the near future. Stay posted for announcements for our workshops for this fall and winter 2011.

The Love-In was founded in February of 2009 by independent dance artists Amanda Acorn and Eroca Nicols. We started to present monthly meetings modeled after the “5 a 7” organized by the RQD in Montreal, with hopes to fill a niche we felt was missing in the Toronto dance community. A place to bring together artists at all stages of development, for discourse, networking, meeting, greeting and information sharing. In an effort to foster community and provide an informal gathering place for dance artists to meet each other and find out what is happening city wide in our community. It has become a place to meet your community, plug your upcoming show or workshop, ask for/give advice, inspire, advocate and build bridges. It is our hope this event will develop to become a necessity within the Toronto dance community as a social and professional meeting place for dance artists to convene every month. The event is now presented in partnership with the lovely people at Hub 14: www.hub14.org
Check their website to find out what else they are up to!

The next Love-In is happening at Hub14 on September 19th from 5 to 7pm.

Shortly after we began presenting the meetings, we started putting on contemporary technique workshops for the professional community. Tendus and triplets are not required… We are interested in presenting classes that reflect what is happening in contemporary dance right now.  We are trying to challenge what we see as ‘technique’ by diversifying the training being offered in Toronto. We are presenting teachers who are giving classes that extend beyond classical modern dance training by offering classes that are truly contemporary. We have presented classes with Justine Chambers, Ruth Douthright, Farley Johansson, Kelly Keenan, Alanna Kraaijveld, Julia Sasso, Elke Schroeder, Heidi Strauss and Michael Watts.
This fall we will be presenting Kelly Keenan (September), Stephen Thompson (October), Susanna Hood (November) and Justine Chambers (December) and more to come in 2011.


photo by Tim Birmingham