Summer Love-In Training Intensive APPLY NOW

July 3-7 & July 10-14, 2017

Dovercourt House, 1st Floor, 805 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto




Toronto Dance Community Love-In team announces the 7th edition of the Summer Love-In for professional dance artists in Toronto, Canada from July 3-7 and July 10- 14, 2017 at Dovercourt House.
Get ready for sweat, magic, rigorous dancing, considered practice, thoughtful making, discourse and togetherness!

Open to humans with an artistic and physical practice.

WEEK ONE | July 3-7

photo by: Jeannie Vanderkerkov

Justine A. Chambers (Vancouver)  || Recycling Failure

$125 or $25/day


This workshop will focus on developing strategies to use western contemporary dance technique as a daily practice to re-familiarize ourselves with our bodies. With an openness to the possibility of functional change, we will explore the precise moments where our bodies are activated into movement. By acknowledging that all movement occurs as a sequence of perpetual dynamic negotiations, we will invite new configurations of support. In this workshop we will ask, what if we let go of the notion of stabilizing our bodies and invite any movement that arises to be part of what we are doing? How do we then organize our minds around expectations and intended outcomes? Through both improvisational scores and set exercises we will dance our way through continuous adaptation.

 Justine A. Chambers’ interests lie in collaborative creation and re-imagining dance performance. Drawn to the movement of all bodies, and focusing on the dances that are already there – the social choreographies present in the everyday – she has been creating performance projects throughout Canada since 2000. Chambers is a founding member of projet bk, associate artist to The Dance Centre (2015-2017) and recently completed a residency at artist run centre 221a. Her recent  works include: The Choreography Walk, Family Dinner, Family Dinner: The Lexicon, Back Up Front, Back It Up, Enters and Exits, and COPY. Her choreographic projects have been presented at Agora de la danse, Canada Dance Festival, Vancouver Art Gallery, The Western Front, Dancing on the Edge Festival, Dance in Vancouver, Dance Saskatchewan, New Dance Horizons and The Music Gallery. Recent collaborations include projects with Evann Siebens, Claudia Fancello, Su-Feh Lee, Marilou Lemmens & Richard Ibghy, Jen Weih, Josh Hite and Brendan Fernandes.

Chambers is active as a performer and has been featured in the work of Oded Graf & Yossi Berg, Company 605, adelheid dance projects, Mascall Dance, Wen Wei Dance, and Tara Cheyenne Performance. She leads classes in contemporary dance technique and improvisation at Working Class, Modus Operandi Training Program, Arts Umbrella, Ballet BC and The Toronto Community Love-In. Chambers is Max Tyler-Hite’s mom.

photo by: Cylla Von Tiedemann

Shannon Cooney (Berlin/Toronto) || Dynamic Expansion


$200, no drop-ins

The dance and movement practice Dynamic Expansion, created by Shannon Cooney dancer, choreographer and craniosacral practitioner, connects one to the physical phenomenon of the Craniosacral (C/S) system and explores it through movement via improvisational forms.

In the workshop one is introduced to techniques to tune into their Craniosacral Rhythm (CRI). By sensing this profound rhythm it is possible to go directly and deeply into the practice of self-witnessing. The techniques taught incorporate natural, fully-physical, energetic, and subtle dance/movements that are guided into movement improvisations. As the work evolves, one’s capacity to remain wholly connected to this vital rhythm while expanding into varied dynamic states of presences is at the heart of the practice.

Embedded in the work is Moveable Cinema, a practice within the practice, tuning into the felt sense of vision while in movement. This offers ways to expand sensorial awareness that become performative tools.

Dynamic Expansion offers many possible applications to one’s personal artistic/creative work practice including: a vibrant palette/range of movement qualities, joy in movement, fine-tuned visual field perception, enhanced depth of focus, heightened and subtle states of presence, refined self-perception skills, new systems of connecting with self others and, profound experiences in the sensorial field.


*BRING BLANKET or YOGA mat to this workshop!

Shannon Cooney, Canadian choreographer, dancer/performer and dance educator based in Berlin, Germany since 2006, received a B.F.A honours/dance at York University, Toronto in 1992. Her choreography has been presented since 1993 in Canada, Europe the in the U.K. As a dancer she has performed in the works of numerous choreographers and she danced with Toronto-based Dancemakers (1994-2006), artistic director Serge Bennathan, which toured nationally and internationally. Shannon performed in installation works of Visual artists Marla Hlady (CA), Signe Theill (DE), and Heidi Sill (DE) Maria Sewcz (DE), and performed in numerous events of performance improvisations with musicians/performers and artists. She works as an artistic advisor and creative facilitator for directors and choreographers in dance and performance.

Shannon created a dance method, Dynamic Expansion, (2008) It is a practice combining her embodied knowledge in craniosacral therapy and contemporary dance, which she teaches internationally for dance training centres, companies, universities and organizations.

Her recent choreographic/performance projects include: Taste of Freedom, (2016), every one everyone (2013) acoustic sightlines (2012), Assemblages (2011) and Spiral Pendulum: dance (2009).

Angela Schubot (Berlin) || on becoming


$350, no drop-ins

showing Friday July 8th @3pm

Can we let the body speak, by itself, by moving, breathing, dreaming, resisting thoughts, by talking not too logically, by not talking at all, body talk, body silence, body noise, acceptance of everything that could happen, would happen, should happen, do we need a direction to find things that can inspire, why look for imagination, when the body is already so complicated in sensing and creating moments, movements, memories, milestones. Falling in love with dance is that really necessary to be able to fly, flow, forget.

Angela Schubot shares her practices how to get into the moving body, without a pre-thought concept or a desired aim. How to get in contact with the vitality, laziness, and creativity of the body? They like to redefine together with the Field Project members how one can get in a body state of discoveries, going to things one did not experience before, how to refresh constantly an attitude to let things happen, instead of controlling them.
And when there is an aim, we only could describe it as finding qualities of deep listening to what is there already and discovering forces that guide us beyond ourselves and touching realms of magic and healing.

** There will be optional in studio showing at culmination of this workshop!
Angela Schubot is a dancer, artist, researcher and choreographer based in Berlin. She is together with Martin Clausen co-founder of Two Fish (2000-2012). Since 2009 she has an on-going collaboration with Jared Gradinger, developing pieces about the topic of de-bordering of the body, new forms of co-existence and unconditional togetherness. In 2018 Gradinger and Schubot will make their first group work with 12 performers as well as creating a duet inspired by nature intelligence.
Since 2015 Schubot shares an intensive research and collaboration with Robert Steijn finding the brotherhood between what binds us in being different. Their first collaboration duet-work „brothers“ premiered in January 2016. Their new collaboration „abuelas“ will happen in the near or far future.Angela Schubot is still interested in Solo works based on intensive phases of movement research, which are the core of her collaborations. In 2015 her Solo “Körper ohne Macht“ (“bodies beyond power”) premiered in Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, finding a language in which the dancing body slowly loses the distinction between inside and outside and in which she was looking for other ways of expansion (to the inside, to the outside) beyond the expansion-logics of power.
In the frame of “Körper ohne Macht” she collaborated with long-time collaborator Martin Clausen, developing the participatory meditation-monologue-piece “the fire from within”, in which for the first time she tried to translate her research knowledge into spoken language.
From 2011-2015 she worked with and for dance-directress Margret-Sara Gudjonsdottir. Besides she worked with artist Rachel de Joode, Theater Thikwa/Karol Golebiowski among others.
In addition to her most continuous collaboration partners she is deeply influenced by the artists Rosalind Crisp and Benoît Lachambre.

WEEK TWO | July 10-14

Marco da Silva Ferriera (Lisbon)|| Vortex Body


$25/day or $125 week

In this class we explore the connections between contemporary and urban dance techniques and languages.

Based on movement in constant search for the meaning and value of dance, resulting in a mutant and abstract form, inspired by rhythm, body dynamics and mind states.

Born in 1986 in Santa Maria da Feira, Marco has a degree in Physical Therapy. He is a professional dancer since 2008 and has worked with choreographers such as André Mesquita, Hofesh Shechter, Sylvia Rijmer, Tiago Guedes, Victor Hugo Pontes, Paulo Ribeiro and others. As a choreographer, he premiered his first work Nevoeiro 21 in 2012. Since then he premiered the awarded piece Replic…eplic…eplic, a site-specific solo dance work at Mais Imaginarius; Through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault, a co-creation with Mara Andrade; Land(e)scape (Imaginarius 2014) a multidisciplinary piece in collaboration with Ana Guedes (sound architecture) and Marta Angelozzi (visual arts); Hu(r)mano (2014) was an outstanding work in the artistic scene and projected the artist in the international circuit, already counting on a vast national and international tour. In 2015, and with this piece, he received the Young Creators Award and joined the Aerowaves Priority Companies platform, a hub for the discovery of dance in Europe. At the same time, he was the Assistant Choreographer of the theatre plays Hamlet (2014) by Mala Voadora and Veraneantes (2017) by Nuno Cardoso; He was artistic assistant to Victor Hugo Pontes in the creations Se Alguma Vez Precisares da Minha Vida, Vem e Toma-a and Carnaval (both from 2016). Brother (2017) is his latest work and is starting to echo in the national and international dance circuits. 

Brendan Jensen (Toronto) || Self Care for Movers


$200, no drop-ins

Self-Care for Movers will focus on targeted myofascial release & trigger point therapy by using specially designed high grip rubber balls & focused movement routines that help penetrate through layers of skin and muscle to massage deeply into your high tension areas.  Yoga Tune Up® is a blend of yoga and corrective exercise principles combined with various stretching modalities designed to highlight joint mobility and stability. The results are immediate relief from chronic tension, increased power through a greater range of movement, increased strength and healthy, supple joints. YTU allows a practitioner to custom-fit poses and postures that help them practice pain free for a lifetime.

Each day participants will be lead through a series of therapy ball sequences targeting different muscle groups Open to movers of all experience levels, this workshop will promote openness, relaxation and physical resilience.

***Bring Blanket, Strap, 2 blocks & Yoga Tune Up if you have it.

Brendan Jensen’s earliest yoga practice arose from an effort to find balance within the rigorous regimen of a dance vocation. His performance career has spanned over a decade -having graduated from the National Ballet School of Canada- during which time he has performed internationally with some of Canada’s leading contemporary companies.

Brendan strives to ensure his yoga and performance practice continue to inform each other. He completed his certified Moksha Yoga training in 2009 and has since developed a successful teaching practice across Canada.  In 2011 he trained in Yin yoga with Tracey Soghrati (Soghrati Yoga) and in 2014, studied under Yoga Vini in Rishikesh, India; with further education in Asana, Philosophy, Pranayama and the Shat Kriyas.  In 2015 he became a licensed Yoga Tune Up® teacher under the instruction of Jill Miller. 

Brendan spends the majority of his time teaching in Downtown Toronto.  He has also co-led international retreats that offer intensive explorations in the practice of togetherness; operating from the belief that people thrive in community, where the individual can find personal definition in the transformative force of fellowship.

Brendan is eager to learn and grow with anyone willing to enter the studio and share their practice. He offers an open mind and heart with a healthy dose of realism; exemplified in one of his late mothers favourite quotes:

“Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out.”

k.g. Guttman (Montreal) || Sound it OUT


$350, no drop-ins

Showing Friday July 14th, 4pm

How does experimentation with sound impact our choreographic process?

The workshop Sound it OUT  concerns the interaction between sound, space, listening and movement.  Through somatic exercises linking touch, vision, vibration, and movement, the workshop will expand the participant’s skills and awareness of sound in performance. Special attention will be placed on developing the use of sound to provoke audience/ performer relations, imagine new spaces, compose listening experiences, and craft situation.

Sound it OUT will offer a brief overview of contemporary practices of analogue and digital sound in performance. Group and solo exercises will be presented for the participants to experiment and develop original choreography using a variety of sound sources.  The workshop will open up broader themes of how images and audio work together to create meaning in performance; issues of gender, race and sexuality may be addressed as they emerge.

** There will be optional in studio showing at culmination of this workshop!

k.g. Guttman is a choreographer and artist based in Montreal.  Currently a research candidate in the PhDArts program of Leiden University and the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, the Netherlands. Her work, funded through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), explores the intersection of choreography, site-specific interventions, and territoriality.

From 2008-2013, k.g. held the appointment of Assistant Professor in the Department of Contemporary Dance, Concordia University, Montreal.

Her choreographic works have been commissioned through the Canada Dance Festival, Dancemakers,  LeGroupe Dance Lab, Ottawa, and the University of Sonora, Mexico. Her performance work has been screened, performed and exhibited nationally and internationally through institutions such as Mediamatic, Amsterdam,  Palais de Tokyo and Galerie Khiasma, Paris,  Ottawa Art Gallery, Musée d’Art de Joliette, Galerie LaCentrale and VIVA! Art action, Montreal, Art Metropole, and TPW Gallery in Toronto.

She is thrilled to be asked to teach for the third time at the Love-In. Each workshop has been joyous and intense!