MARS & ON DISPLAY with Heidi Latsky

November 6, 2017

TO LOVE-In and Moonhorse Dance Theatre


MARS (Mindful Activation Release Study) and ON DISPLAY Workshop with Heidi Latsky

Monday Nov 6, 10am - 12noon

Dovercourt House, 2nd floor. 805Dovercourt Road, TO.

$17/ workshop  or * $30 in combination with Lesandra Dodson on Friday November 10th.

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Heidi Latsky will teach a class starting with her MARS Method: Mindful Activation Release Study, a practice designed to activate the body in a relaxed, meditative way. Through specific breathing techniques and guided rocking of the entire body the practice brings the participant into an effortless stillness and a deep, quiet but active sense of being grounded.

She will then move into teaching the improvisational structure for ON DISPLAY-her site specific meditative installation that disrupts the urban landscape with a mostly still human sculpture court featuring performers ranging in age, disability, race, and size. ON DISPLAY GLOBAL is her annual worldwide initiative performed on December 3rd in honor of International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Participants in this workshop are invited to be part of ON DISPLAY TORONTO this coming December.


About Heidi:

Heidi Latsky and I met years ago at the Pavlychenko Studio in Toronto where we both trained and where I also taught in the 80’s- 90’s. Recently I became aware of Heidi’s on-going career in NY and her current focus on physically integrated dance. This is a focus that has also blossomed in Toronto and in other urban centres. I was keen to invite Heidi to Toronto to share her knowledge and experience with those who could benefit. Heidi has a history in this city where she began her dance journey and is excited to renew her presence here with all she now has to offer. There are many dance professionals who are currently pursuing training to work with those with disabilities and I believe Heidi has much to share with them.



Friday November 10 at 8pm

Saturday November 11 at 2pm and 8pm

Harbourfront Centre Theatre

231 Queens Quay West, Toronto