Meetings History

The Talking Thinking Dancing Body with Justine Chambers
A conversation about aesthetics, context and artistic processes. Grounded in the experience of observing dance in both performance and rehearsal, this conversation will be amplified and facilitated by Vancouver-based dancer, teacher, choreographer Justine Chambers – an opinionated and charismatic artist who brings to the conversation a rich and varied dance experience.
Round Table with Timea Wharton: TAC Dance Officer
With an increase in funding granted by the city, The Love-In offered a discussion with dance officer Timea Wharton to discuss TAC programs and dialogue about practical applications for resources to best serve the dance community.
Training Trends
An open forum for the dance community to dialogue about training being offered in the city for professional dance artists. Conversations centered around partnership, community, sharing resources and sustainability for programming.
Talking Practice Round Table facilitated by Cara Spooner
A facilitated discussion centering around creative practice; the why, the how and the what, facilitated by Toronto based, independent artist, Cara Spooner. 
Critical response process facilitated by Laura Hicks
Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process (CRP) is a feedback system based on the principle that the best possible outcome from a response session is for the maker to want to go back to work. Whether returning to the studio, the desk, the kitchen, or the laboratory, CRP gives tools both to people who are making work and people who are responding to that work.
Arts resource sharing event, presented by The Alliance of Independent Mid-Career Dance Creators.