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The Love-In is home to the silent, love revolution, taking place in Canadian dance making. Dedicated to the radical and rampant cultivation of tomorrow’s badass leaders and lovers, we promote democratic pedagogy, anti-competition and wild creative abandon through our programming and our presence in the Toronto dance community.  By connecting, supporting and welcoming artists locally and across the planet, the Love-In is making Toronto a destination for revolutionary indie dance activity. We are building better making; we are radicalizing movers; we are Animaux Sauvages.

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The Love-In, is a not for profit organization led by dance artists; Amanda Acorn, Robyn Breen, Tina Fushell, vjk & Kate Nankervis. The Love-In was formed by Amanda Acorn and Eroca Nicols in February of 2009.  What began as an effort to create a more supportive community environment has grown to encompass a growing initiative that includes professional training activities, a summer intensive, advocacy efforts, a rehearsal space, informal exchange and a presentation series. We are committed to fostering progressive initiatives and projects that support growth and expanding  the breadth of contemporary dance practice in the city of Toronto. The Love-In became incorporated as a not for profit in the summer of 2013 under the leaders of Love Amanda Acorn, Meryem Alaoui, Amelia Ehrhardt, Katya Kuznetsova, Madeleine Shen & Kate Nankervis.

Board of Directors
Niomi Cherney- Chair
Susie Burpee – secretary
Carina Cojeen – treasurer
Tim Bermingham
The  Love-In would like to acknowledge the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council for their activities and programming throughout the 2015/2016 season.

IMG_1288The Love-In aims to provide relevant training to professional dance artists that encourages artistic growth, curiosity and risk. We aspire to push the bounds of expressing and creating with the body, while maintaining safety, efficiency and structural integrity. We are interested in innovative points of view and focus our programming around alternative techniques, improvisation, somatic work and forging links with artists from across the country and the international dance community. The Love-In in has presented over 30 workshops and master classes with professional artists from across Canada, the United States and Europe. The Love-In’s annual Summer Love-In workshop, first held in June of 2011, was an incredible success. The Love-In will present their third summer program in July of 2013, welcoming an international faculty and dance artists form across Canada.

Our workshop fees are eligible for partial reimbursement through CADA Ontario’s  Training Subsidy Program. For information on how to join CADA visit: http://cadaontario.camp8.org/

Check out our listings here: tolovein.com/workshops

Register for a workshop: tolove.in@gmail.com

Past Programming:
2016: Amanda Acorn, Charles Slender- White, Doris Uhlich, Susan Rethorst, Sabina Perry, Kelly Keenan, Bee Pallomina, Brendan Jensen, Shannon Cooney, Alleyne Dance, Christopher House, Jenn Goodwin, Jamie Wright, Claire Turner Reid.
2015: Andrew Tay & Sasha Kleinplatz, kg Guttman, Danielle Baskerville, Sri Louise, Marcella Giesche, Doris Uhlich, Alice Chaucat, Public Recordings
2014: Ami Shulman, Kate Holden, Sabina Perry, Public Recordings, Greg Holt, Kelly Keenan, Adam Kinner, Meg Foley, 
2013; Julia Sasso, Justine Chambers, Ami Shulman, Nina Wollny, Matt Smith, Kira Kirsch, Alanna Kraiijveld, Rootless Root, Zoja Smutny, Ame Henderson, Baris Mihci, Frey Faust, k.g. Guttman, Shannon Cooney, Christopher House, Kelly Keenan, Bee Pallomina, Eroca Nicols
2012; Susanna Hood, Heidi Strauss, Kira Kirsch, Kelly Keenan, Farley Johansson, Matt Smith, Neil Sochasky, Emmanuelle Le Phan, Frey Faust, Ame Henderson, Stephen Thompson, Francesca Pedulla, Davide Sportelli, Yves Candeau, Justine Chambers
2011; Elke Schroeder, Heidi Strauss, Emily Law, Davide Sportelli, Emmanuelle Le Phan, Stephen Thompson, Liz Kinoshita, Michael Watts, Kelly Keenan, Kira Kirsch, Frey Faust, Marcela Giesche, Susanna Hood, Justine Chambers


Heart to Heart

The Love-In strengthens community by providing informal gatherings for dance artists to discuss work and training, promote creative activities and build the collective capacity to advocate for Toronto’s dance artists. We create an opportunity for artists to share ideas, request support for their projects, and work collaboratively to create new visions for the future of dance in this city, this province and this country. We have centered our meetings around a variety of topics generated from the needs of the community itself. We have held information sessions about support services, think tanks about community development and creative practices, information sessions about how to give critical feedback and many more…

Check out our meetings here: tolovein.com/meetings

PS: We Are All Here

13716121_10154954652228765_1174175348982464019_nCurated by The Love-In Lovers, p.s. We Are All Here, presents local and international artists for 4 night of triple bill performances and discussions for mover thinker mayhem. Presented in an intimate and casual setting that encourages discourse and engagement, p.s. We Are All Here creates a space for taking in and taking on the questions that arise over contemporary performance.

Dance nerds search to connect with their audiences and demystify dance. See a different show every night and join artists for discussions around why and how we make the choices we do.

2016 artists: Christopher House (TO), Katie Ewald & Bry Webb (Guelph), Open Fortness(TO), Syreeta Hector, Erika Mitsuhashi & Alexa Mardon, Jenn Goodwin(BC), Liz Peterson, Britany Shephard & Matt Smith (TO), Marie Lambin-Gagnon (TO/MTL), Tina Fushell & Greg Harisson (TO), Benjamin Kamino (TO), Andrew Tay (MTL), Alleyne Dance (UK), Simon Portigal ( MTL), Victoria Cheong and Peter Rahul (TO) and YouComaMarylinMonroe( GR/TO).

2014 artists:  Helen Yung, Alicia Grant, Pam Tzeng, Meryem Aloui, Michael Caldwell, Rob Abubo, Kelly Keenan, Adam Kinner, Christy Stoten, Amelia Ehrhardt, Sonya Stephen, Manchyna, Meg Foley, Greg Holt, Winnie Ho, Sky Fairchild-Waller and Barbara Shears.
2013 artists; Amanda Acorn (Toronto), Lady Janitor aka Eroca Nicols (Toronto) and Francesca Pedulla (Italy), Andréa de Keijzer (Montreal), Heidi Strauss and Darryl Tracy (Toronto), Brandy Leary/Anandam Dance (Toronto), RootlessRoot (Greece), Bee Pallomina (Toronto), Vanessa Kimmons (Toronto), Helen Husak (Calgary), Zoja Smutny (Toronto/Berlin), Simon Renaud (Gatineau), Colleen Snell (Toronto), and Andrea Spaziani (Toronto).